Respect & Accessibility Policy

Respect Policy by Little Gay Brother

Born from a quest for unity and a collective consciousness within club culture, False Idols welcomes all who come to share and champion this rhetoric. In our temple for the disenchanted, we promote one rule: Love rules!

False Idols and Drumsheds embrace all who love freely and with passion, no matter your sexuality or identity. Our values are anti-racist, anti-transphobic and anti-homophobic, anti-ageist and ablist, and we expect everyone who comes to the altar to uphold these standards.

Consent is a must and abuse of power is not tolerated or you will be banished from our hearts forever. We want to remind everyone that the origins of dance music came from black and queer spaces, and our space pays homage to this. This space is for the bold and brave, do not hold onto your fear - but be willing to explore the music, the people, and the venue.

False Idols is your chance to find your power, your people, your freedom on the dancefloor. Please look out for each other, respecting each others individuality and right to dance, respect the space, respect our artists, and most importantly, respect yourself.

Access Information by Drumsheds

We’re excited to welcome you to Drumsheds and False Idols. Please get in touch to discuss your access requirements so you can enjoy the show.

Email us

We have a dedicated welfare and access team working this show, but please click below to read Drumshed’s access information before emailing. We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd of December.

Click to read our accessibility policy.